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Bottle Service Menu

This is Ratio Houston’s Bottle Service Menu. Please Contact Your Server To Place An Order Or Use the Reservations to Reserve a Table

Premium Champagne

Belaire Blue - x
Veuve Clicquot - x


Ace of Spades - x
Ace of Spades Rose - x

Premium VODKA

Belvedere - x
Belvedere bartered - x
Single Estate - x
Ciroc apple - x
Ciroc COCONUT - x
Ciroc Mango - x
Ciroc Peach - x
Ciroc Pineapple - x
Ciroc Red Berry - x
Deep Eddy 80 (Original) - x
Deep Eddy Lemon - x
Grey Goose - x
Herradura - x
Ketel One - x
Titos - x


Casamigos Blanco - x
Gran coramino - x
Cristalino - x
Jose Cuervo De La famila extra anejo - x
Patron Bordeos - x
Patron Silver - x
Teramana - x

Ultra Premium TEQUILA

Casamigos Anejo - x
Casamigos Reposado - x
Clase azul Anejo - x
Clase Azul Extra Anejo - x
Clase Azul Plata - x
Clase Azul Reposado - x
Don Julio 1942 - x
Don Julio Anejo - x
Don Julio Ultima Reserva - x
Don Julio Ultima Reposado - x
Don Julio Ultima Silver - x
Don Julio 70 - x
Patron Reposado - x

Premium Whiskey

Gentleman Jack - x
Jameson - x
Makers 46 - x
Whistlepig Bosshog - x
Whistlepig Piggyback - x
Woodford reserve - x
Crown Royal - x
Crown Royal Peach - x
Crown Royal Vanilla - x
Jack Daniels - x
Jack Fire - x
Jack Daniels Honey - x

Ultra Premium Whiskey

Whistlepig Rye 10yr - x
Whistlepig Rye 12 YR - x
Whistlepig RYE 15 YR - x
Whistlepig RYE 18 Yr - x
Double MALT - x

Premium Cognac

Hennessy VS - x

Ultra premium Cognac

Dusse XO - x
Hennessy PARADIS - x
Hennessy vsop - x
Hennessy xo - x
Louis XIII - x
Remy 1738 - x
Remy XO - x

Premium Japanese Whiskey

Akashi UME - x
Hibiki Harmony - x
Sundays Whiskey - x
Suntory Toki - x
Suntory Suntori Yamazaki 12yr - x
Suntory Suntori Yamazaki 18yr - x

Premium Gin

citadelle gin - x
empress gin - x
fords - x
hendricks - x
tanqueray - x
tanqueray 10 - x

Premium Scotch

Johnny Walker Black - x
Johnny Walker Blue - x

Ultra premium scotch

Whistlepig Rye 15 sherry cask - x
Macallen 25 - x
Macallen 12 yr sherry oak - x
Macallan 15 dbl cask - x

Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness. 20% gratuity is included in all transactions. All menu prices across the entire website have taxes, and gratuity included in them. Your receipt will show the breakdown.


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